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Hello! I’m Cornel and I blog about things that inspire me, things I’ve made and Craft Share, the craft group I started in 2009.

You'll find lots of crochet on my blog, as well as my crochet and sewing projects for Ideas Magazine, since September 2011.

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These concert costumes make you laugh and dance!



What mermaids wear

I found some amazing mermaid-like fabric at Metro. The texture (scales covered with water) and colour (intense as coral reef) makes it perfect for the mermaid costumes I have to sew for Sebastian's school concert in September. I'm really excited!

What makes me even more excited is the following:

I volunteered to do not only the mermaid costumes, but also some octupi (not octupusses) and hats for the sailors, not forgetting that sailors also have scarves.

Teacher Annie sent me the sms yesterday - "Hi, there are 24 sailors, 14 oct, 24 mermaids. Thanx, Annie"

I wonder how long this is going to take me? 


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