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Hello! I’m Cornel and I blog about things that inspire me, things I’ve made and Craft Share, the craft group I started in 2009.

You'll find lots of crochet on my blog, as well as my crochet and sewing projects for Ideas Magazine, since September 2011.

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cornel's pic of the week

Emily Moon is probably one of my favourite places (the other two would be my own home and my parents guest farm in the Karoo). Words can not describe the enchanting atmosphere of this restaurant just outside Plettenberg Bay in the Eastern Cape, overlooking the Bitou Estuary. When we go to Plett for 10 days, you'll find us at Emily Moon Restaurant for lunch, outside, next to the pool, on 8 of those 10 days! It helps, of course, when you have co-owner and chef Larry Steenkamp's number on your cell phone, just to find out what's on the menu for the day or to pre-order Larry's famous lamb burgers. Trust me: you need to feel the place!


belin's pic of the week

Belin took this photograph on the same bike-trip-around-the-country as last week's (have a look here). What a brilliant way to celebrate turning 40!


karoo quilt



on travelling

Little more than a week ago, the kids and I travelled back from a beach holiday in Glentana (near George, Eastern Cape, South Africa) to my parent’s guest farm near Colesberg in the Northern Cape. I made a conscious decision to ‘smell the roses’ on the way.

The first stop we made was at the Hops Valley Farm stall. We reached it by travelling from George on the N9/N12 over the spectacular Outeniqua Pass. We had pizza for breakfast at 10 in the morning! Delicious “Traveller’s” pizza from a wood burning oven!

For the next stop we had to turn off the N9. Willowmore on a Saturday morning is a hive of activity! Everyone was geared up for receiving the travelling visitors, including Patrys and Bessie!

At Sophie’s Choice coffee shop the kids had chocolate milkshake and tea-for-one-for-me.

Just after 1 pm, we drove through Graaf-Reinette. I completely ignored the red-and-white Wimpy sign, because I had a plan. Dodging biker’s and tipsy town’s folk, I followed the N9 to Middelburg. Halfway there, on the left hand side of the road, a small sign indicated Nieu Bethesda. This was where I wanted to go, never mind that it would take us 20 minutes on a dirt road to get there.

There’s only one word to describe Nieu Bethesda – enchanting (you’ll feel it and see it when you get there). I could easily spend a whole week in this “dorpie”, doing nothing. Ok, maybe just inhaling the unpolluted Karoo air. Or if I had to I would consider walking the wide tree-lined dirt streets or taking a ride on the donkey cart pulled by Blouberg and ? (Fielies / Fielander / somebody help). 

After buying vetkoek-and-mince for myself and boerewors rolls for the kids, we had to leave. We still had about an hour and a half left to travel before arriving on the farm. We were about 1 km out of town (I stopped to take a photograph), when I took my first bite of fresh crispy vetkoek with deliciously tasty mince inside. I actually closed my eyes while eating and finishing it! It was perfect. This was the perfect (almost) end to what could have been an otherwise forgettable trip.


does this look like the road to nowhere?

Definitely, if you haven't been to my parent's guest farm near Colesberg in the Northern Cape Province, South Africa. Their farm is the perfect stop/sleep-over, when you're traveling from Pretoria or Johannesburg to Cape Town or the Garden Route (Knysna and surrounds). Christi and I stayed over last night (the boys were already there with Neill) on our way to Glentana (near George) to join Olga and her kids for a 5-day long beach holiday. In short: when you reach Colesberg, stay on the N1 and look out for the Engen garage on your right. Take the dirt road that passes the Engen on the right hand side. Travel for 16,6 km and go through this gate,


At 23,4 km you'll find yourself at this house

and the newly renovated Karoo cottage, that looks like this (at 6:30 am!)

 I had time to take one more photograph before we had to leave for Glentana. It's proof that the ardent gardener is not easily dissuaded by excruciating drought, severe cold, debilitating heat or any other circumstance the Karoo delivers.


found it!

Olga told me about the quilt shop in Irene when we started Craft Share a month ago. She tried to explain to me how easy it is to get there. I can't tell you how many times I've driven through the little traffic circle (Point A), past the entrance of the Country Cafe at the Irene Dairy Farm (Point B) on Nelmapius drive, with Quilting Supplies supposedly in a house on the left between Points A and B! Then yesterday, after installing curtains at a client (hope to show you these later) in the Southdowns Residential Estate, I found it!

After entering the (residential) property and walking around Shirley's house, there it was - the hidden gem!

They had a variety of fabrics (mainly imported from the USA) that made my fingers itch:

Liz and I had a long chat and one of the things she shared was that they're having a Show-and-tell on the last Thursday in November (26th). The 'regulars' will display their beautiful quilts in the garden just outside the cottage, with tea and cake for visitors. Not to be missed!

So, if you make a special trip to Quilting Supplies in Irene or just happen to drive past, with a couple of minutes to spare, pop in, and don't forget to tell Liz and Shirley I say "Hi"!

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