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Hello! I’m Cornel and I blog about things that inspire me, things I’ve made and Craft Share, the craft group I started in 2009.

You'll find lots of crochet on my blog, as well as my crochet and sewing projects for Ideas Magazine, since September 2011.

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crochet blanket or dress


Wat was eerste: die gehekelde kombers (Wooleater crochet pattern here) of die rok ...

C x


crochet heart necklace


Met die hekel-diagram en patroon hier: 




G'n wonder mens sukkel partykeer so met hekelpatrone lees nie!

Sonder die diagram sou ekself ook gewonder het oor

ry 2 se laaste 'opdrag': 2 lb in 4e ks van begin-ketting.

Knoop net die los draad van die 100 ks-ketting vas aan die plek waar jy die ketting begin het.

O ja, hy's gehekel met dun hekelgaring (dink dis no 30) en 'n geleende 3mm hekelpen.

Ek so lyk hy om my nek,

gemeng met ietsie ouds en ietsie antieks ...



it's in the detail

The edges in this blogpost is SO simple,

but makes such a difference...

(*dc=double crochet in American terms)

Neon pink is the perfect choice for this grey knitted skirt.

(*dc=double crochet, ch=chain in American terms)

I can think of at least 3 items in my cupboard that needs a simle neon edge, and you?

C x


patchwork blanket in a jiffy

I was very fortunate to crochet

and the write the pattern

for this colourful blanket and bolster cushion for

Ideas Magazine April 2013.

It was a fun project

and I was able to use a lot of my left-over yarn

from previous projects.

I used chunky yarn,

but also double knit and 4-ply

(2 strands together).

Just one teeeeny tiiiiny little problem:

Round 1 in BOTH motif 1 and 2

on page 86 should read

rep from * to * 11 times

If you do decide to crochet this blanket:

Thank you!

I hope it gives the giver and receiver

lots of comfort and joy.

C x


simple crochet


bullseye blanket

Find the pattern for this beautiful all-seasons blanket here. C x


interesting blanket stitch

I couldn't resist trying out this pattern

when I saw it on Flickr:


With 4mm hook and colour A in dk, ch 38

Beg row: dc in 2nd ch from hook, 1 dc ea in next 2 ch,

*3 dc in next st, 1 dc ea in next 3 st, [1 dc ea in next 3 st] tog, 1 dc ea in next 3 st*

rep * to * two more times

**3 dc in next st, 1 dc ea in next 3 st, 1 ch, turn**


Row 1: use col A and work in back loop only, skip 1st dc, 1 dc ea in next 3 st,

Rep * to * of beg row 3 times

Rep ** to ** of beg row once

Row 2: working in both loops of st, rep row 1, finish off

Row 3: work in back loop only, skip 1 dc and join col B in next dc, 4 ch, 1 ttr ea in next 2 st,

*3 ttr in next st, 1 ttr ea in next 3 st, skip 3 dc, 1 ttr ea in next 3 st*

rep * to * two more times

3 ttr in next st, 1 ttr ea in next 3 st, 1 ch, turn

Row 4: work by inserting hook to left of ea ttr catching 3 loops, 1 dc ea next 3 ttr,

*3 dc next st, 1 dc ea next 3 st, [1 dc ea in next 2 st] tog, 1 dc ea in next 3 st*

rep * to * 2 more times

3 dc next st, 1 dc ea next 3 st, 1 ch, turn

Row 5: rep row 1 in same col as previous row

Row 6: rep row 2, finish off

Rep row 3-6 in next colour

When crocheting a blanket, add 10 ch for every rep of pattern

and add one rep of *to* and **to** for every 10 ch added

(ch=chain, beg=beginning, dc=double crochet, ea=each,st=stitch, tog=together, rep=repeat, ttr=triple treble)

C x



before the end of winter

Hekel gou voor winter verby is... C x

Diagram hier.


free japanese crochet patterns

Patrone in hekel se geheime skrif (diagramme) soos hierbo is op Facebook beskikbaar! C x

volg hierdie skakel: http://www.facebook.com/#!/media/set/?set=a.192145900835893.61448.136271549756662&type=3


18 petal rose square tutorial

TO DOWNLOAD OR PRINT THIS TUTORIAL, CLICK ON THIS LINK. Windows Explorer will ask you what you want to do with the Word Document: choose either "save" or "open" - if you choose "open" you can choose "print". C x