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Hello! I’m Cornel and I blog about things that inspire me, things I’ve made and Craft Share, the craft group I started in 2009.

You'll find lots of crochet on my blog, as well as my crochet and sewing projects for Ideas Magazine, since September 2011.

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isn't he cute?

And just a little angry?!! The chameleon in my garden (as far as I know he* is the only one) is making himself look bigger to scare me away. Look at the orangey-yellow lines on what I think is his chin/neck. He doesn't know that I love shades of monochromatic orange, yellow and green! My favourite colour being a yellow with a hint of chartreuse called Gold Finch from Plascon. See it here on my front door.

(*could just as well be a she, who knows)


what do you call a sunflower that has never seen the sun?


This is our first sunflower, at this house, ever. And it has never seen the sun, because of non-stop rain this past week. The ardent gardener and I sowed them in rows. Hundreds of them. In front of the house and the workshop. And this is our first one to show its yellow (yet dissappointed!) face. The seeds were destined to become parrot food (2 x packets). I think they'll give us and visitors to our house more pleasure than they could possibly give any parrot. All we're waiting for now is the sun ... still waiting ...


take me!

This was a photograph just waiting to be taken, about 3 weeks ago, in an effort to rediscover my more creative (thinner) self. It's the view from our poolhouse (but you have to lie flat on your tummy, otherwise the 'dotted line' wouldn't be in the middle of the photo). Here's what it looks like upside down:

What do they say about small things again ... 


welcome little one

Welcome to our garden, little one! I hope you find this carrot flower stalk a welcoming home, with lots of tasty bugs to feed on and keep you happy. I promise not to tell my boys exactly where you stay, because I can see that you are frightfully shy, trying to hide as I’m trying to take this picture. Don’t be afraid of the dogs, because they just make a lot of noise. I’ve never seen them eat anything like you before anyway. One thing though: Cat could find you interesting, so stay still (you seem to be really good at this) when he’s around. And do tell your friends that I would be so lucky to have them visit too. Hope to find you in the same spot again tomorrow. Cx


carrots (noun) flower (verb)

This happens when you have more carrots growing in your garden than you and your family could possibly consume.


frog song


Listen to this just after sunset, on a Sunday night, in the company of new friends, while sipping a 2005 Methode Cap Classique Krone Borealis Cuvee Brut. Anyway, that's what we just did.



spring flower quilt

If only I could quilt these (sigh) ...


seeds of love

This was the gift my mother gave us! And she's not even here. She's been an ardent gardener all her life. Maybe that's why, in the middle of May this year, she sowed seeds in the empty flower bed in the front of our house. African Daisies, Baby Spinach, carrots, Freesias, Paperwhites, radishes, Ranunculus, rocket and Virginian Stocks. Did she know that the seeds would cause such a display during the month she's away? I know two things: my mother loves gardening and she clearly loves us!


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