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Hello! I’m Cornel and I blog about things that inspire me, things I’ve made and Craft Share, the craft group I started in 2009.

You'll find lots of crochet on my blog, as well as my crochet and sewing projects for Ideas Magazine, since September 2011.

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happy easter ...

(Image from one of my all-time favourite blogs: dotty angel)

Taking a mini break from work, blogging, getting up early etc for the next 10 days. Hope to finish a couple of crochet projects and spend some quality time with my family. Happy Easter! C x


meet ginge, mono, mitten & tig


Ginge Cat loves kisses and cherry cola. She dislikes thunder and lightning.

Mono Cat loves mint bugs and likes crossing Zebra crossings.

Mitten is witty and sneaky and dislikes tomatoes.

Tig likes tinned sardines and playing hide and seek.

They were created by the 2010 British Designer of the year, Donna Wilson. She blogs over here.


all the luck in the world

I was delighted to find Jane Schouten's blog, all the luck in the world, this week. Here she artfully turned some of her favourite old vintage blankets into cushions (big and small).

Have a happy weekend! C x


me too

Soon I'll be making this beautiful Peony corsage. Designed by crochet artist Kate Jenkins and featured as one of 30 specially commissioned patterns in one of my all-time favourite crochet books, Vintage Crochet by Susan Cropper of loop (she blogs over here).


genevieve motley

I found this beauty in a friend's shop today. Genevieve Motley is a jewellery designer from Durban and as you'll see on her website, she creates beautifully romantic and whimsical pieces in perpex, wood and silver. I would love to add this sweetie pie to my collection:


i love ...

... Rocket & Bear's knitted and crochet blankets. The very creaticve owner and mother-of-two, Lucy, blogs over here.


skinny laminx tea towels

A couple of weeks ago I bought two identical tea towels from the very talented illustrator and artist, Heather Moore, in Cape Town. They're perfect in my kitchen! Cx

PS.   She blogs over here  and this is where I first spotted them.

PPS. The banana muffin is sugar-, dairy- and gluten free, but the recipe needs serious tweaking before I can post about it. Nevertheless, I had 4 of the 12. It might have something to do with my eating habits at the moment: basically I'm only eating veggies, fruit, nuts, legumes and the odd egg in a muffin baked with chickpea flour.


highlighting the obvious

I added some embroidered detail to the front panels of a pair of scatter cushions today (not the only thing I did though). The backs of the scatters are exactly the same colour (Plascon's Gold Finch) as our front door and drinks cabinet in the lounge. C x

P.S. My next embroidery project will be this little birdie on a 100% white linen tea towel (for myself). It was drawn by the very talented Geninne, who blogs over here.


take a look at these 9 blogs


(a South African who gardens beautifully in Brooklyn, New York)


(don't understand a word, but LOVE the images)


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(ze French sews, knits, crochets ...)




not-the-usual twin set


twin set (noun): a matching pair of women's sweaters, a pullover and a cardigan, intended to be worn together

Not-the-usual twin set born from want and need, but I intend to wear this scarf (wanted it since I saw it here on Katie's lovely blog Lady Birdand hat (needed one that would go with everything) together from now on.