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Hello! I’m Cornel and I blog about things that inspire me, things I’ve made and Craft Share, the craft group I started in 2009.

You'll find lots of crochet on my blog, as well as my crochet and sewing projects for Ideas Magazine, since September 2011.

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thank you!

BAIE dankie vir elkeen wat my geluk gewens het met my verjaarsdag vandag! En dankie dat ek kreatief wees en mooi goed met soveel mense reg oor die wêreld kan deel! C x

(and THANK YOU Alicia Paulson for allowing me to use this beautiful photograph today!)


babette and me

Aaaah... Babette. Ek geniet nogsteeds elke oomblik van hekel aan hierdie kombers. Ek werk in panele (jy sal verstaan as jy die patroon sien) en het nog 4 oor. Dis soos hoofstukke van 'n baie goeie storie. Maak al hoe meer sin sodra jy klaar is met een.

Op Pearl Bee se blog gelees: "The thing about crafting it yourself is you live and breathe it. You invest your creativity and ingenuity into this thing; you think about it even when you're away from it; you sink your love into each snip and stitch."

Ek is mal oor hierdie storie. C x


sewing daisies

Heidi sê sy soek na die "creative gene".

Ek dink sy het dit.

En sy neem die mooiste fotos.

Kry meer inspirasie op haar blog, Sewing Daisies.


yellowtrace blog

There is SO much inspiration at yellotrace blog. Can you guess why I LOVE this one in particular? C x


geninne is my favourite

And has been since I started blogging in July 2009. Find her blog here. C x


one cozy tea cosy

Inspired by Ingrid's beautiful blanket on her Wood and wool stool-blog, I crocheted 'till the early hours of this morning to finish my first tea cozy.

For all my friends on Craft Share, here's the pattern for the circle (or square) motif in Afrikaans:

Ingrid teemus motief

Hekel 4 ks met 3,5mm-hekelpen in kleur A. Gebruik dubbelbreidraad.

Las die laaste ks met ‘n gls aan die 1e ks om ‘n ring te vorm.

1e rdte: Hekel 3 ks, hekel 11 lb in die ring. Las die laaste lb met ‘n gls in die 3e ks. Heg af.

2e rdte: Las kleur B tussen 2 lb van rdte 1. Hekel 3 ks, hekel 1 lb in dies sp. *Hekel 2 lb in vlg sp tussen lb*, her van *tot* nog 10 keer. Las die laaste lb met ‘n gls in die 3e ks. Heg af.

3e rdte: Las kleur C in sp tussen 2 lb-grp van rdte 2.  Hekel 3 ks, hekel 1 lb in dies sp. *Hekel 1 ks, hekel 2 lb in vlg sp tussen 2 lb-grp*, her van *tot* nog 10 keer. Las die laaste lb met ‘n gls in die 3e ks. Heg af.

4e rdte: Heg kleur D in enige 1 ks-sp van rdte 3. Hekel 3 ks, hekel 3 lb in dies sp. *Hekel 4 lb in vlg 1 ks-sp*, her nog 10 keer. Heg af. Werk al die los punte weg.

Vir ‘n vierkant:

4e rdte: Heg kleur D in enige 1 ks-sp van rdte 3. Hekel 3 ks, hekel 2 hlb in dies sp. *Hekel 1 ks, hekel 3 hlb in vlg 1 ks-sp, hekel 1 ks, [hekel 2 lb, 1 dsl, 1 ks, 1 dsl, 2 lb] in vlg 1 ks-sp, hekel 1 ks*, hekel 3 hlb in vlg 1 ks-sp**, her van *tot** nog 2 keer, her van *tot* een keer, . Las die ks op pen met ‘n gls in die 3e ks. Heg af. Werk al die los punte weg.


men should knit!

I had many options for today's post: "Real men knit", "Modern men knit", "Knitting is good for men" or "Men with balls knit"! You pick one. Here's a man who knits: Jared Flood. Actually, he does more than knit. He designs knitwear patterns and has his own line of yarn, Shelter. Have a look at his blog over here.


for the love of crafting

Never mind dolphins, butterflies or Chinese writing meaning peace or love. These are just some of Elsie and Holly's tattoos. And no, they're not temporary. I admire their dedication to crafting.


molly makes

The best new 'living & loving handmade' magazine!

If you love crafting, Molly Makes will delight you with ideas, beautiful photographs, contacts, websites and INSPIRATION. The mag has sections on making, collecting, crafting and thrifting. I bought mine at my local newsagent, but it's also available as a digital version at www.myfavouritemagazines.co.uk/molliemakes.

Just a few exciting links: www.drinkshopdo.com , www.themakeryonline.co.uk , www.onechurchillsgreen.typepad.com , www.lolanovablog.blogspot.com , www.decor8blog.com , www.designsponge.com , www.whippycake.com , www.aestheticoutburst.blogspot.com , www.pixieblossoms.com



Found these gorgeous crocheted bags on Ingrid's blog, ingthings.

With super-easy instructions here. Brilliant Ingrid!