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Hello! I’m Cornel and I blog about things that inspire me, things I’ve made and Craft Share, the craft group I started in 2009.

You'll find lots of crochet on my blog, as well as my crochet and sewing projects for Ideas Magazine, since September 2011.

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blogging your way e-course comes to an end

Over the past 4 weeks I was part of a brilliant e-course presented by Holly Becker from decor8 fame.

This was a wonderful opportunity to learn about blog intent and styling.

I've learned SOOO much and want to thank Holly and her co-teachers for all their knowledge and inspiration!

Thank you guys!!!



PS For more info on Holly's courses have a look here.

PPS I've styled and photographed this photo in my own home.

I've used a white candle and put some washi tape around it, to make it more interesting.

The little wreath around the candle is from an indiginous thorn tree from my garden - I simply cut off 4 sprigs and tied them together with a neutral coloured yarn.

The little red crocheted Christmas tree decoration was a gift from a good friend.

Find similar crochet patterns here or another one here.


the white house

Hi vriendin

Het jy al ooit gewens jy kon in 'n huis bly met 'n wit interieur?

Dis natuurlik totaal en al onprakties as jy kinders en honde (en 'n man) het.

Ek kyk maar net verlangend na fotos op die internet waar als wit is.

Ek sê wit, maar daar's natuurlik baie skakerings ... antieke wit, spookwit, sneeu, magnolia, seeskulp, vanilla, beige en so aan.

Daar's 'n baie mooi versameling van als-wat-wit-is op tumblr (versameling van hoofsaaklik fotos) by la maison blanche.

Met baie dramatiese agtergrond musiek van Edit Piaf wat sing "No, je ne regrette rien!!!"

Is dit dalk 'n waarskuwing dat jy geen berou moet hê wanneer jy in 'n "wit" huis bly nie?

C x


Hi friend

Have you ever wished you could live in a house with a white interior?

Of course it's totally impractical if you have children and dogs (and a husband).

I just look longingly at photos with white interiors.

There are of course many shades  of white ... ancient white, ghost white, snow white, magnolia, seashell, vanilla, beige and  more.

There's a very nice collection of photos on tumblr at la maison blanche.

With very dramatic background music by Edith Piaf singing "No, je ne regrette rien!!!"

Is it perhaps a warning
that you should have no regrets when living in a "white" house?


bazar de roulottes

Hierdie "petit panier des bois"* lyk dalk so bietjie OTT**,

maar dit wys jou wat jy met lap en lint kan regkry!

Dis van die blog bazar de roulottes -

jy kan selfs die 'kit' bestel om dit self te maak...

C x

(*klein houtmandjie, **te erg?)


the humble carnival



Just some of the amazing work done by

Jen Williams, who lives in New York,

and says that she's been sewing and crafting

all her life.

I love her view of things as on her blog,

the humble carnival.

Jen sells her makes and plushies

in her etsy shop, The Humble Carnival

and she has the cutest Boston Terrier called Dee.

C x


neither snow

What do wedding invitations and tattoos have in common?


Everything! If you know who Mara Zepeda from Neither Snow is.

She studied Copperplate and Italic calligraphy in New York and Philadelphia

and now works from a studio in Florence, Italy.

Her beautiful letters and words can be found on wedding invitations,

place and escort cards, corporate logos, family trees, greeting cards

and client’s arms, sides, shoulders, necks…

I particularly loved this tattoo she designed for Karen,

who lives in Toronto:

Karen says: “I really love it. I finally found my vocation,

and knitting ‘a few stitches a day’ is part of my life,

part of me...

I love being able to express my creativity in my knitting designs.” 


I would love to know what you would choose

to put on the inside of that crafty arm of yours…

Cornel x


little tea wagon

Jane works from a little shed in her garden most days.

According to her,

she sews, makes, draws, takes pictures

and blogs at www.teawagontales.blogspot.com.

You'll find her on Instagram, Etsy and Facebook.

And her work has been featured in Mollie Makes magazine.

C x



Seen this beautiful image
on www.kimcrinochet.blogspot.com
C x


inspiration and beauty

Ek verstom my nogsteeds elke dag

aan al die mooi goed

op die internet.

My "favourites" op die oomblik is

Pinterest op my Ipad

(ja, ek het ook bygekom...)

en Instagram op my Iphone.

Dis net soveel geriefliker as iemand

(of iets soos 'n sagteware program)

die mooi goed bymekaargooi.

En dan klits jyself dit verder op

deur te "like" of te "pin".

Net om later na jou eie mooi

versamelings ("boards")

te gaan staar...


C x

PS MOOI foto laaaank terug gevind op 'n blog, fortheloveofmegan , voor Pinterest, toe ek nog my eie "boards" op my laptoppie gemaak het

PPS As julle my soek op Pinterest, soek net vir Cornel Strydom, maklik



fab idea

Definitief een van my favourite blogs.

Wat 'n ongelooflike koel idee!

Om dekor en handwerk te meng ...

Ek het definitief 'n muur iewers wat

'n bietjie langbene nodig het.

Cornel x


intarsia crochet?

LOVE her work!

Alexandra's blog is here...

C x