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Hello! I’m Cornel and I blog about things that inspire me, things I’ve made and Craft Share, the craft group I started in 2009.

You'll find lots of crochet on my blog, as well as my crochet and sewing projects for Ideas Magazine, since September 2011.

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progress is "sew good", but ...

... my dinigroom is a mess. A friend and I started a small jewellery business late last year and at the moment, we're making stock for a market at the end of the month. I'm desparate to move this mess out to my studio, which is getting a make-over at present.


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house and leisure (jan/feb 2011)

At last! Here is the article of our house that was featured in House&Leisure Jan/Feb 2011. C x

ps Watch Top Billing on SABC 3 Thursday 10 March at 8pm for more. x


a penny ...

... for your thoughts my dear?


earlier today

Cat tried to merge with a feather-and-down seat cushion in my bedroom.


inside our house


appreciation for ...

... a photoshoot that went REALLY well yesterday (our house will be featured in the December 2010 issue of House&Leisure magazine)

... my mother (I'm so lucky to have you, Mom!)

... living in a beautiful, comfortable, one-of-a-kind house

... with the people I LOVE!


spot the difference

This week, every day is D-day. The date for the House&Leisure photoshoot of our house was confirmed yesterday for Tuesday next week. I've known about their intentions (they want to feature it as a summer house in the November 2010 issue) for 2 months, but haven't felt any pressure to deal with the unfinished business in almost every room!  Now, I'm afraid, I have more plans than time.

O what the heck! Will just see how much I can do before then.

I plan on putting up some wallpaper today with my mother's much needed help. C x


19th century schnauzer oil painting

Couldn't help smiling when I found this image in the March 2010 edition of LivingEtc magazine yesterday.

I have a candidate at home who wouldn't mind to sit for his portrait (in oil please)!

Just call him King George. 


in our house



WHAT, WHERE, WHY (from bottom to top): Before you walk into our house, you'll find two stone Whippets "guarding"; their real life counterparts Tippy and Chloe are either sleeping somewhere in the house or chasing the wild rabbits on our property. I love the combination of ochre-on-linen mommy birds feeding their young and brown and cream ticking on the 2 blinds in our entrance; I often experiment with new ways of trimming or manufacturing curtains and blinds. Once a client couldn't pay me in full and gave me 4 pieces of furniture as part of the payment; not such a bad idea as this bench in our entrance was one of the pieces. My favourite item in the entrance has to be this oil painting called The Virgin; I saw my own 3 kids (now aged 14, 7 and almost 5) in it when we bought it; the oversized basket holds the boys' sports stuff.


in our house

WHERE: We're still in my kitchen/diningroom

WHAT AND WHY: The white cupboard keeps our glasses and mugs; I'm a bit of a hoarder/collector when it comes to white 'everything' in the kitchen; I love the little piglet that holds my tea towels; Aloe Suprafoliata in my favourite 'colours'