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Hello! I’m Cornel and I blog about things that inspire me, things I’ve made and Craft Share, the craft group I started in 2009.

You'll find lots of crochet on my blog, as well as my crochet and sewing projects for Ideas Magazine, since September 2011.

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Using 3,5mm circular needles and 180 stitches, Anisa combined a variety of new and left-over double knit yarns to knit this cuddle-blanket. The border is in moss stitch and the flowers crocheted with a 5mm hook.



What a brilliant weekend! We spent it with friends at their amazing 'spot' next to the Vaal river. Many thanks to Frikkie, Alna and the girls for the experience. Alna's Torte di Caprese gets a special mention (gluten free with Lindt chocolate) as my kind of cake. We'd love to do it again! C x


on friendship ...

"Friendship isn't a big thing - it's a million little things."  (Author Unknown)


craft share on friday 10 september

A very special Craft Share: Mel's last before she moves to Cape Town!

I'll miss her the most.

Mel arrived first at my house on most of the 25 times she came to Craft Share. This gave us time to develop a special creative bond.

We met more than a year ago at a friend's birthday party in Fouriesburg, near Clarens in the Free State. The party lasted 3 days. On the Saturday afternoon everyone watched a rugby game on TV in the small hotel's cozy pub. We ended up in chairs next to each other: she knitted a scarf (very slowly) and I crocheted a little bag for my friend's gift. We still laugh whenever we recall the weekend's knitting: Mel losing stitches and Andrew pulling the car over so that he could get the stitches back on the needles for her.

Crochet suited her perfectly. No major effort when 1 stitch was dropped. She soon realised what I meant with crochet is very forgiving. Mel is a bookkeeper and applied her thouroughness and determination to learning how to read patterns, with amazing results. She was always excited to share a simple but stunning pattern she found on the internet with us and loved it to see us try it out and enjoy the end result. It was Mel who found this hat and this one.

I know I'll see her again, but it won't be as often as I would like.



I'm so proud of everything you've achieved over the last year.

I loved every minute we crocheted together!

I hope to keep a special place in your heart, as you have in mine.




(Here's what everyone did on Friday)


i love this!

This beautiful scatter cushion is a gift from Olga.

It co-ordinates perfectly with everything in my diningroom.

Olga, I appreciate the time you took - considering every bit of fabric used, and every stitch you made that's the perfect distance from the one next to it.

Thank you! C x


they were joined by belin, alna, sanet and marinda

                    There is nothing Belinda (Belin) can't do. And she does it so well! This mother of 2 paints, sketches, crochets, sews, experiments with pewter work and takes breathtaking photographs (have a look here). Although Belin stays 65km from Cornel, she comes to Craft Share once a month.

Alna learnt how to crochet in no time. She got the most practise on a plane back from Cape Town, or was it Mauritius? This stylish mother of triplets (Alicia, Isabel and Jeanette) loves to entertain and was the first Craft Share guest who brought a bottle of champagne with. She also knits and sews. Everything she does is done with passion and done well.

Sanet became a regular reader of i love pom-poms before she joined Craft Share. She is still the blog's biggest supporter (thank you S!). This mother of one is the new business development manager of one of the biggest private healthcare companies in the country. Where she finds the time to crochet baffles us. Her biggest secret: she teaches mosaics at her lovely home (more like a small farm) just outside Johannesburg.

Marinda is a bundle of creative energy and crochets and knits up a storm. This mother of 3 learnt how to crochet in about 2 weeks. She loves to experiment with different textured and coloured yarns and creates her own patterns, like the tea cozy (bottom right). She amazes us everytime she comes up with something new. She is also the one who leaves last on a Friday. Cornel doesn't mind at all!


craft share started with olga, ronel, mel and cornel

Olga is a mother of four and a seasoned crafter. She quilted at the first Craft Share and creates the most beautiful traditional and contemporary quilts. She is dedicated, patient, creative and a perfectionist! She also crochets, embroiders and sews. Olga started her own range of custom-embroidered bedlinen for babies earlier this year.

Ronel started Craft Share with scrapbooking. She takes beautiful photographs on her regular trips to Europe joined by her husband and 3 sons. She loves the French and Italian countryside ... and we love to hear all the detail (the food, markets, art, landscapes and shops she enjoys so much). Ronel started crocheting about 8 months ago. She also knits and embroiders.

Melanie (Mel) knitted at the first Craft Share, but was very eager to learn how to crochet. Her first chain (about 400 of them) turned into a wave blanket that will probably be finished by the end of next winter. Being meticulous and determined she became a master crocheter in a very short time! She spoils her family and herself with her crocheted goods. She's an inspiration and would be a very good teacher for anyone living in Cape Town wanting to learn how to crochet. Andrew, Mel and the girls (Emma and Amy) are moving to Durbanville, CT at the end of September.

Cornel started Craft Share. She sews, knits, crochets, experiments with embroidery and quilting, while running an interior decorating business from home. This mother of 3 is pleasantly surprised every Craft Share Friday with the creative energy all these girls can generate. Cornel believes absolutely in the therapeutic qualities of hand and needlework.

And she's over the moon that something like Craft Share happens in her own home.


six down eight to go

This one turned out to be a lot of FUN - like it's owner!

Promise I won't blog about every ... single ... one.


for mona

A more traditional combination of colours and designs. A fabric I would call Antique Rose (colour Teastain) on the outside with three different types of ticking stripe and some left-overs of a paisley fabric by Ralph Lauren Home thrown in!

Many happy hours of knitting and crocheting, Mona! C x


for mel

Happy birthday! And many more hours of happy crocheting (even when you're far away [sad]). C x 

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