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Hello! I’m Cornel and I blog about things that inspire me, things I’ve made and Craft Share, the craft group I started in 2009.

You'll find lots of crochet on my blog, as well as my crochet and sewing projects for Ideas Magazine, since September 2011.

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my feelings exactly


april desktop calendar


There is a story behind the little bird's nest on my April desktop calendar.

(just click on the image for the 1200 x 800 pixel desktop calendar)

Two weeks ago I trimmed some trees on our property.

Unfortunately the little nest, no bigger than the palm of my hand, was on one of the branches I cut off.

I had a closer look, and that's when I saw it:



A discarded loose end of overlocked cotton thread, that should have found it's way into the dustbin, was used by a bird to make his nest a little cozier. My only consolation after removing the nest is that it's autumn in South Africa and that the little chicks that might have been raised in this nest, are big enough to build their own nests for winter and raise their young when spring arrives in September ...

C x


and it's all done


It was time for a change.



And colour was the key.



Grecian Gold for my dining room walls, with a white 100% linen table cloth, our old dining chairs washed in grey and the frames of inherited artwork sprayed with black Rust-O-leum.



My favourite colour of all time, Auberge, for our bedroom walls, with an old linen and a floral table cloth used as bedcovers. The pink blanket is a 3m length of fleece I bought at Metro Home Centre, a fabric retailer where I often find inexpensive fabrics to use as "fillers".



Gold Estate for the lounge walls. This colour almost exactly matches the lighter flagstone tiles on our floor. Shwe-shwe fabric was used to recover the 2 Queen Anne chairs inherited from Neill's mother. Marcia and Roland from M&M Upholsterers (084 301 7751) did a fabulous job on all the re-upholstered pieces. One chair in particular is 15 years old, has been recovered 5 times and looks brand new (not on the photo).



Last but not least, another favourite, Gypsy Bloom for the working kitchen's walls. All the paints I used are from Plascon. Please note that Plascon did NOT sponsor any of the acrylic and waterbased enamel products I used. I've just always favoured their paint colours.



I kept ALL my furniture and little treasures. I might have added a few selected items from Typo's factory outlet at Atterbury Value Mart and framed some artwork my kids did when they were toddlers. Boxed frames, to me, turns the simplest image into something special. I even framed a business card from a French ceramic company, Astier de Villatte, and hung it on this wall (white framed piece just below the deer's head).



What also makes a huge difference are the items I moved to different parts of our house. My collection of wooden bird houses previously hung on a wall in my dining room. Now they're a feature on the working kitchen's wall. The patchwork curtain doubles as cupboard doors, purely because our budget was spent already when we got to the kitchen cupboards 5 years ago. I love this idea so much that I will probably never install wooden cupboard doors.



The best part for me was to use patterned fabrics from my very large fabric collection (started in 1988) and show pieces previously used in Romo South Africa's Kramerville and Cape Town showrooms. Even one meter of a lovely designed fabric is enough to use as the arms of a slip-covered sofa or the back of a scatter cushion.

Fabric on the slip-covered sofa is Romo Zahira colour Lava Rock.



I was also able to use left-over wallpaper in my guest loo. This is Romo Itsuki wallcovering in Ebony.



Above and below is Romo Estella wallcovering in charcoal for our entrance hall. The 8 glass containers for my own version of a living wall have been stored in a cupboard since I bought them at SARCDA 15 years ago. This is why I almost never throw things away...





Lilly (one of our Italian Greyhounds) lies on Romo Itsuki colour Charcoal, with the scatter cushions in Black Edition Eden colour Vermillion.



Above is my decluttered and redecorated working space.

I used 2 cans of neon pink spray paint on the chair.

Because this chair has what is called a "drop" seat (it drops into the frame and is not fixed to the chair), I was able to re-upholster the seat myself, with a 60x60cm piece of fabric and a light duty staple gun.

A lot of the picture frames I used througout the house was bought at a favourite thrifting spot in Pretoria, Sun Gardens Hospice (Lynnwood Road). I was able to fill a medium sized cardboard box with second hand frames, but only paid R50 for it!



Our house will be featured in The Sunday Times Lifestyle Magazine some time next month.

In the mean time, you'll find me spending as much time as possible at home,

celebrating the changes.



DEclutter and organize


I'm on a huge mission to DEclutter and organize my life. Progress is slow but sure. I've spent the last 3 weeks sorting out 6 rooms in my house. This includes the garage (!!!) and my dressingroom. Most important for me was to create a workspace in our bedroom that would look neat and inviting at all times. I want to be able to paint, make a card, do some hybrid scrapbooking or just go on the Internet without fighting heaps of paperwork, magazines and general clutter. I'm almost there, as you can see. The cupboard in Plascon's Gold Finch, was previously in my entrance hall. The walls are newly painted in my all time favourite colour, Auberge (find it on Plascon's Neutrals brochure). The roses on my desk is Strilli, a highly fragrant deep yellow bought at Ludwig's Roses late last year. C x


my instagram

Vir my is Instagram 'n visuele dagboek van dinge wat my aandag trek.

Ek is op Instagram van 7 Junie 2012 af.

Dis baie geriefliker as om te blog.

Fotos hierbo is die 8 gewildste fotos wat ek al geplaas het.

Jammer, links bo is 'n video waar ek met my honde by St Francis Baai strand toe stap.

My kleinste boston terriër, Baby George, het so bietjie aanmoediging nodig gehad.

Lyk vir my ek het HONDE, HEKEL en WOL in gemeen met baie ander mense...

Cornel x


crochet blanket or dress


Wat was eerste: die gehekelde kombers (Wooleater crochet pattern here) of die rok ...

C x


craft share on friday 7 march

We had so much fun yesterday, crocheting and knitting with a new friend.

Our album is on Facebook, just click here.

Cornel x


collect moments not things


in the details

is partykeer
in so min as
'n gebreide hangeroortreksel
'n eenvoudige wit rok
'n klein bietjie


a good idea