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Hello! I’m Cornel and I blog about things that inspire me, things I’ve made and Craft Share, the craft group I started in 2009.

You'll find lots of crochet on my blog, as well as my crochet and sewing projects for Ideas Magazine, since September 2011.

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knitting super hero






My knitting superhero is definitely Stephen West!

Born in America and now living in Amsterdam, he teaches knitting workshops worldwide and publishes his knitting pattern collections himself.

Buy any one of his many amazing patterns on Ravelry.

This is knitting NOW!

C x


hello june

The photo I used for this month's desktop calendar was taken late Saturday afternoon on my parents' farm near Colesberg.

The plant is called Echeveria secunda var. glauca, or as it's also known, Glaucous Echeveria - one of my favourites.

C x

PS Click on the image for the 1200x780 pixel image


missoni crush


I have a mini crush on these knitted items from Missoni's children's range.

C x



A Chinese proverb says:

"An invisible red thread connects those destined to meet, despite the time, the place, despite the circumstances. The thread can be tightened or tangled, but never be broken."


crochet gift idea

What a lovely gift idea!

Order from Anna's shop here.

C x

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ready to print and hang

From Pixels & Co.

Have a great weekend!

C x


peonies are red,

violets are blue,

i'm busy crocheting

and you should be too.


In August 2014 Ideas Magazine will publish a crochet book with quite a few patterns designed by moi*.

Above is a lovely square with a red peony, dedicated to my friend Elsbeth Eksteen.

It's made up in a scatter cushion consisting of 4 squares.

C x



hello may


May's new calendar for you!

Babylonstoren is an experience.

I was very fortunate to spend an afternoon eating lunch at Babel Restaurant and walking through a garden that is like no other I have ever visited.

I would not be able to describe with words the concept, the variety, it's size and the surprizes around every corner.

Just have a quick look at the garden plan and planting list to get an idea of the scale.

Here are a few photos I took with my iPhone, while trying to take everything in...



I'm standing on a mosaic that "frames" a fruit tree.

I used part of this image for the May desktop calendar.



A small notice at the entrance to this square invites you to take your shoes off and walk barefoot through the groundcover.



The scent of Rosemary hangs heavy in the air as you walk down this pathway.



At almost 2 meters high, this was the biggest surprize of the afternoon.

Like so many other features and detail at Babylonstoren, the completely unneccessary is turned into something beautiful, serving some kind of practical purpose.



Art by nature ... with a little help from one of the 18 full time gardeners.



Salvaged porcelain found when the garden was established only 5 years ago.

Clouds are reflected in the protective glass.

I'm convinced that Babylonstoren is best experienced in person.

Again and again.

Can't wait to go back.






I love our home!

And at the moment I'm especially proud of how it feels and looks.

A huge "THANK YOU!" to Sarah Buitendag (lifestyle editor), Tiaan Nagel (production), Sarah de Pina (photographer) and Tessa Passmore (text) for the lovely article in last Sunday's Sunday Times Lifestyle Magazine Home Weekly.

Cornel x