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cozy hand and wrist sweaters

It might look like Right Hand won, but being cozy this A/W (*) is more important than winning, isn't it?

* Autumn and winter in the southern hemisphere

Here's how:

You’ll need 50g Double knit (preferably boucle) yarn, 5mm (US size H) crochet needle, one or more place markers

Note: Your hand and wrist sweaters will be cozy if your wool is and if you crochet loosely. Just try. You’ll also be working in the round – a technique used in making Amigurumi toys.  If this is your first time, enjoy!

I’m writing this pattern in English crochet terms. For the American pattern, replace double crochet (dc) with single crochet (sc). The only other stitch used is slip stitch (sl st). Easy peasy.

Weaving ends in neatly will make your cozy hand and wrist sweaters reversible!

Abbreviations: ch = chain, sl st = slip stitch, st = stitch, sts = stitches, tog = together, yo = yarn over

Base chain: Loosely ch 26, join with dc into the first ch made, attach marker to the dc just made (check if the circle fits over your hand; if not, chain more loosely or use a 6mm needle)

Row 1-17: dc into every dc for 17 rows (always insert hook into back loop of each st unless directed otherwise), move your marker as soon as you’ve made the first dc of the next row

Note: At this point you should fit your cozy hand and wrist sweater. Your marker indicates where your wrist (the base of your thumb) will be once completed. Feel free to add a few rows or remove some (easily said but not done if you’re using boucle yarn).   

Row 18: 2dc into first dc (move marker to between 2dc), complete row with a dc into every dc

Row 19: dc into next 25 dc’s (move marker to first dc of the row), 2dc in next dc, 1dc into next dc to complete row

Row 20: dc into first dc of row (move marker), 2dc in next dc, 1 dc into every dc to complete row

Row 21: dc into every dc (remember marker)

Row 22: 2dc into first dc of row (move marker to between 2dc) , 1 dc into every dc to complete row (30 stitches)

Row 23: dc into next 26 dc’s, 1dc into next dc through both loops of st, ch 4 loosely, skip 8 dc and dc in next through both loops of st (move marker to dc just made)

Hand (start counting rows from 1 again for “hand”)

Row 1: dc into next 23 dc’s reverting back to insert hook into back loop of st (move marker to every 1st dc of new row made), 1 dc into every ch made to complete row 1

Row 2: dc through both loops of next dc, complete row with dc in every dc into back of st

Row 3-9: dc into every dc (move marker to every 1st dc of new row made)

Row 10: (dc2tog, 1dc into next 4 dc) 4 times, dc2tog, sl st next 4 st, cast off


Base row: For this row you should insert needle through both loops of sts

Join yarn to first dc of 8 missed when you ch 4, 1ch 1 dc into same space, dc into next 7 dc, dc into every dc made on 4ch (catch at least 3 loops for strength), for last dc of base row insert hook first through 2 loops in the ‘gap’ and then through first dc made for base row, yo and pull through 2 loops on hook, yo and pull through last 2 loops on hook, move marker to dc just made

Next 4 rows: dc into every dc made reverting back to insert hook into back loop of st (move marker to every 1st dc of new row made)

Last row: dc2tog, dc into next 4 dc, dc2tog, sl st next 6 dc, cast off

Weave in all loose ends

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Reader Comments (4)

Besig om te hekel het sommer rooi DK Gold gebruik, moes 'n goeie 6 chains byvoeg, ek dink die wol wat jy gebruik het is losser en meer chunky al is dit DK. x

May 10, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterMelanie

Should have known you would do them in your favourite colour! I crocheted this particular pair VERY loosely to get them (very) cozy. A good indication of the right amount of chains is if you put your hand through it right after you've joined your last chain with your first. The pattern is so simple that anyone could easily adjust it here and there for a perfect fit. Can't wait to see yours! C x

May 11, 2010 | Registered CommenterCornel

Hello, these are beautiful. Thank you for the pattern.

November 15, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterHi

Pleasure! C x

November 24, 2012 | Registered CommenterCornel

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