crochet a pom-pom (the 9 easy steps)
Tuesday, March 23, 2010 at 4:31PM
Cornel in crochet, patterns

1. Choose your yarn and needle. Mine is a lovely 100% cotton double knit and a 4mm hook.

2. Chain 204.

3. Put your hook through every 7th chain from the needle.

4. It should look like this, before you yo (yarn over).

5. Gently ease yarn through all the chains on your hook.

6. You have 1 chain on your hook.

7. Pull the loose end of the yarn tight (without braking it off though), so you can CAST OFF.

8. Make a sailor's knot with your 2 loose ends of yarn.

9. Shake your crocheted pom-pom and admire how something so easy can be so cute.


Sure you can already think of quite a few things you can do with your pom-pom(s). I'll show you what I did soon! C x

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