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how to knit a biased square

I used to hate waiting. That was until I discovered crocheting and knitting small motifs. No more waiting at a red traffic light, waiting at school for kids to finish extra curriculars, waiting for a modem to connect me to the internet or simply waiting in a restaurant for food.  So today, while I was supposed to wait for a Baked Ricotta and parmesan soufflé with salad and home baked bread at Lienkie’s restaurant Li-bel (it means dragonfly in Dutch), I knoodled. That means I knitted to kill time. One of the grade 2 teachers at my son’s school showed me how to knit a biased square yesterday afternoon, when I volunteered to teach her and a friend how to crochet these same squares together. So, if you’d like to knit a biased square, here’s how:  


With 4mm (US 6) needles and a 50g ball of double knit (DK), cast on 1 stitch.

First row knit (or k) 1 stitch

Second row k into front and back (or kfb) of your only stitch (you now have 2 stitches)

Third row slip first stitch  (or sl ; in other words, don’t knit, just carry it over to the needle in your right hand), k into front and back of second stitch or kfb (you now have 3 stitches) 

Fourth row sl first stitch, kfb second stitch, k last stitch (you should have 4 stitches)

Fifth row sl first stitch, kfb second stitch, k to the end (5 stitches when done). Can you see a pattern? The sl first stitch, kfb second stitch, k to end is what you’re supposed to do in every row.

In the mean time my food arrived.

I couldn’t stop knitting. By row 13 your square should look like this.

This is row 27.

Halfway! I had just increased to 40 sts (or stitches). As soon as you reach your “halfway”, depending on the size square you want, k the next row without increasing (so no kfb in the second stitch). Now start decreasing. Do it this way: sl first st, k next 2 sts together (or tog), k the remaining sts to the end of the row.

 Keep going. By that I mean you sl the first st, k the next 2 sts tog, k the remaining sts to the end of the row in every row. If you do that, your square should start looking like this. Just keep going.       


 When you’re left with 4 sts, sl first st, k next 2 sts, k last st (you have 3 sts left). In the next row, sl first st, k next 2 sts tog. (2 sts left)


K the last 2 sts tog (1 st left) and CAST OFF!

And there you have a biased square.

So let’s say you’ve knoodled two or more biased squares. Courtesy of Cilla Ramnek, this is what you can do with 2 squares

With 9 squares


With 12 squares


These images are from her delightful book called Knitprovisation, with more than 70 crazy projects where she shows you how to mix old with new.


Oh how I LOVE ‘waiting’! C x

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